Fate's Hand

Ice Queens Cathedral, Part I, Act 1

After saving Eric and defeating the subteranian cannibals the PC’s exited the Briney March and were faced by with the prospect of battling Sir Raines, Arch-Paladin of Melacia. Raines however, was engaged by Parker. After defeating Parker the vastly weakened Raines was defeated by the party and teleported away at the last moment. Parker’s body was not found.

The Heroes then entered the Ice Queens Cathedral after meeting with Consuelo Reincarnate. With the assistance of Consuelo they defeated an Ice Knight, dealing a massive 301 damage. Now they stand in a chamber of Eight frosted glass doors. They entered through door 3 and fought the knight behind door 7.

Up To This Point
Wrapping It UP

In the world of Fate demons are a real thing, adventurers are few and far between, and magic is power.

Fate hasn’t always been a place of pain and suffering. Once there were many heroes, once the world was beautiful and lovely. The gods protected it and kept it safe. But they also meddled. The races of Fate grew less and less obedient. Then they rose up against the Gods, which made their last stand at the God Spire, their Olympus in the Hammered Lands.

Eighteen years later, the world is still recovering from the battle. Scars, chaos storms and amalgamations of horrors dot the globe. The Hammered Lands are the only place that has not undergone a massive shift. What was once the new world is now the old, and the old world is new again.

Mika and Evindal Merlon were raised by their human uncle in the village of Gilcresh, until one day, over taken by a demon known as a Darou, their lives were turned upside down. They left Gilcresh at the bequist of the Claymore Claire, and traveled south, forever labeled witches for their strange birth at the base of a meteor strike and their ability to use magic.

Their mother was General Ralla Merlon, and soon they found out she was being held prisoner in the God Spire, and found out about the Prophecy of Arcolyte. As it turns out, the Elven girls are destined for great things.

In Townsend they met Scarlet Mackoviac at the gladiatorial arena, who’s father is the Professor of Military Science at the University of Townsend. Scar said she would join them, if they paid her twice what they paid themselves.

They scuffle with Assassins.

They continued south, towards the Ravenqueen citadel, but first had to pass through Bramble, a town in the Wastes that is full of twisted figures and horribly mutated humanoids. The trio slayed the zombies in the graveyard and were allowed to travel further south.

At the Ravenqueen citadel they found the prophecy of Arcolyte and after reading the confusion passage, drove on to find Tira Mira, a ruined fortress of the since disbanded Coalition of Elven Courts.

At Tira Mira Evindal met the long rotted but not quite dead Elven Queen. She thought she was her mother and demanded a report. Evindal could give no such thing, and after explaining herself, was given the title her mother had once had, her medal of command, and a guidon, as well as the two ancient Elven guardians and Hellion, the war horse.

Further to the south was Cavadash, the desert city. After bringing Meeka back to life by accepting a bribe Evindal spent the night in the Prince’s Harem, where she met Prince Hassan and befriended him.

Hassan had possessed the Key of Slavendash, a holy item which was made by Thalia to unlock Ralla. But Hassan’s General Abdul had lost it in the Far North to the Ice Queen. They then met one of Mackoviac’s previous students and he joined their efforts.

After battling with Parker, the Claymore that is after them, they set off for the north with the fond farewell of the Elven Emmissary Aramourn Merlon, Evindal and Meeka’s half-brother.

In the Far North, at the city of Far Wind they discover that there is a plague in the Western Lands, assist a Claymore with clearing the Darou infestation, and met Isley, a mysterious and pleasant gentleman who had brought them Mackoviac’s necklace, for reasons he did not reveal.

After a good night’s sleep they set out for the Ice Queens Fortress, and stopped over night in a warm, inviting oasis.

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