Evindal Merlon

Elven swordmadge-A lightly armored defender and front-line fighter who slings spells, cuts down swathes of enemies, and looks badass doing it!


Identifying Marks:Tattoo-Raven behind right ear


Birth: Prophecy-“I am dead but head my words, for I cannot, the hand of my fate tipping the scales…The Gods are angry, rightfully so. We have slain their lovers and kin…They will unleash devils on us…many will try to stop them and fail…The old order of the Gods will hunt them. One will be too proud and swing her fathers blade, the other will be meek and she will work with her fingers. Both bore of the same womb, both bore of the same mother. they must succeed or this world, devils and saints, will fall.

Home Town: Gillcresh-my mother left her and newborn sister with their “Uncle Will” to fight the Krymean war.

Home Life: A poor farm girl who was lucky enough to be spotted by a Mage whom thought she had potential. He taught her a few things before continuing on his quest. The rest she taught herself and in turn the villagers began calling her “Witch”.

Reason for Adventuring: Knowledge-She wants to know who her parents are and what happened to them, and possible save her mother, having had rumors that she may still be alive.

Best friend:Meeka her sister
Worst enemy:Parker the claymore

Evindal Merlon

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